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"You know we are always staying in the village every day. Many of us do not go even to Jirapa [the only town in the district] for years. It is radios that send people information and many of us do not have them. Imagine in the village no access to education on health…We have been left behind because we do not have formal education.

[My grandchild] is a sick baby. He has some signs like sunken eyes, lean body… This is because when the mother was pregnant, we don’t know how to keep her healthy with the pregnancy and the baby to me was infected even before he was born because of ignorance on our part.

I normally give him water and food whenever I am eating. But your device just told me doing so will retard the baby’s health and he can develop some sicknesses because the mother need to breast feed the baby exclusively for six months before. We were not practicing exclusive breast feeding.

[The Talking Book]…is good for us to know a lot about our health and keep ourselves healthy…I will listen to all the messages and share with my fellow women at the group level. We will always sing into it. These are all ways of empowering women to speak without fear in public meetings.,.I can tell you that this device is our “School’’ because it is teaching us a lot that we can learn and adopt."

- Alice Derypoge Zieme

Alice Derypoge Zieme is representative of the more than 825 million people live in rural areas on less than $1 day and rely on agriculture for their food and income. The vast majority are illiterate and lack access to the fundamental basic knowledge that can help them overcome poverty and dramatically reduce the high number of deaths from preventable causes, like malnutrition, diarrhea and malaria.

It costs $5,000 USD to bring the Talking Book integrated health and agriculture program into an impoverished village in Ghana. Your tax-deductible gift contribution can help us reach people, like Alice, in new communities or support programs in existing communities.

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