Agriculture Impact

We found that 91% of farmers who used Talking Books:

  1. learned the health and agriculture information
  2. trusted the information provided by familiar local sources
  3. applied what they learned

Talking Book users reported significantly improved productivity relative to non-users. Collectively, our evaluation shows that on-demand access to information can considerably impact the lives of rural, illiterate communities. Furthermore, the Talking Book appears to be a cost-effective tool to enable learning and behavior change.

For more on our early impact with agriculture, see this paper published in the top-ranked academic journal on technology and global development:

Ghana’s Best Farmers Are Talking Book Users!

Every year on National Farmer’s Day, Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture gives awards to the country’s best farmers. In a country of over 25 million people, Ghana’s Best Soybean farmer recently went to a woman named Madame Stella Porekuu, who credits the Talking Book for the practices she applied leading to her award selection.

National winner, Madame Stella Porekuu with a Talking Book.IMG-20160613-WA0002 (1)

We are also proud that in recent Farmer’s Days, women who learned from the Talking Book have won awards at the Regional level as well as each District level. In some district’s the best OVERALL male AND female farmers are those who have learned from the Talking Book.

Best District Overall Female Farmer


 “I learned about good agricultural practices and using certified drought resistant crops with short maturity days from the Ministry Of Food and Agriculture on the Talking Book. The Talking Book knowledge has enabled me improve on my production this year and the best practices led to me winning the award today.

- Belintaa Cecilia, Doggoh community

 Best District Overall Male Farmer


“I have seen improvement in my crop yield this year more than the previous years, though the rains this year started late. There were many things on agriculture that I did not know until I received this device (Talking Book) and listened to its messages. I have gained a new knowledge and that has helped me improve and also win this award as District Best Farmer. I hope this program will be extended to other communities.”

- Kogliyiri Tirinoma Sinkanti, Tampaala community