Over 750 million adults are illiterate and most of them live on less than a dollar a day and farm to feed their families. Opportunities for these adults to access knowledge and acquire new skills in remote areas of developing countries are virtually non-existent, but critical to escaping poverty. The same applies to critical health information necessary to keep their children alive and healthy.

With bad roads and remote locations, few villages get regular visits from agriculture and health experts; and when an expert can reach a village, those without literacy skills are unable to take notes to help remember dozens of useful practices. These families are therefore unable to learn ways to grow more food and keep their children safe from disease.

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The Talking Book teaching tool is a simple and durable audio computer to serve the learning needs of people in oral cultures.  Without using text or complicated technology, you can deliver vital health and agriculture information, strengthen community development, and support extension programs for people with low literacy skills.

The Talking Book is more than a unique device. Users listen and learn. They replay, and they share what they learn with others. The Talking Book is used individually, in groups and in rotation throughout community households.

Relevant and practical information on sustainable farming methods and key health practices are produced and recorded in partnership with local government agencies and non-government agencies to meet community needs. This results in higher crop yields, improved nutrition, and a dramatic reduction of preventable deaths.