Talking Book

Literacy Bridge saves lives and improves the livelihoods of impoverished families through comprehensive programs that provide on-demand access to locally relevant knowledge. At the heart of the programs is the Talking Book – an innovative low-cost audio computer designed for the learning needs of illiterate populations living in the poorest areas in the world.

Simple and actionable instructional messages that are repeatable and can be played when needed enable people to learn and adopt new practices to fight poverty and disease.


Spread Health & Agriculture Info

We partner with local experts to produce, record and distribute relevant information in native languages and dialects. The easy, on-demand access to health and agriculture information leads to learning and behavior changes that are life-saving and life-changing.

Listen, repeat, share

Users navigate simple audio menus in any language then listen to the information they are interested in — from 35 to 140 hours. They can repeat audio as needed, play it back for family and friends, or simply lend the small, durable devices out.

Record on-demand

Anyone can record their own audio onto the Talking Book to expand on existing ideas, share new information, or relay feedback to the organizations that provided the devices.

Durable and accessible

The Talking Book is small and portable so it is easy to transport and share. The device was also built to survive life in dry dust storms and tropical rain.