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We are currently looking for volunteers to help spread knowledge throughout the world. While we do need marketers, accountants, etc. Most importantly what we need is an army of organized volunteers to help garner the capital that allows us to continue funding pilot programs in places like rural Ghana. We are already making measurable progress and we’ve already done a lot. But now we need your help and something truly more valuable than money, your time.

Volunteering for Literacy Bridge is simple. There are many great non profits that we often times compete with in grant competitions in order to continue funding; that can make it tricky to stand out. But we genuinely believe that our volunteers are the most passionate and that passion gives us an edge. We have many great learning and growth opportunities to offer within Literacy Bridge. But most important is our team that helps us spread the word about the great work we’re doing and helps us vote in grant funding competitions.

Sign up now & join the Literacy Bridge coalition to share knowledge!

Once signed up the head of the volunteer committee will contact you to arrange where your skill sets can be best utilized.